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My name is Ed Vidunas, and I am not a Londoner. But outside of my home city of Pittsburgh, London is my second home.

My past three visits to London were in February 2016, February 2017, and March 2018. My next visit will be November 2018 and looking forward to a Thanksgiving meal. Looking beyond I am planning a 2019 spring visit vis British Airways non-stop flight from Pittsburgh. These flights begin in April 2019.

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa. and I have lived on the city’s South Side since my birth in 1953. Yes, I am an old guy. My life-long career is that of a structural draftsman: that’s me at my desk. I prepare plans for bridges and highways and although I work on a computer I have spent 30+ years working with a pencil. From my cold dead hands… Sorry about that but my pencil is what made me money to visit London. It is London that long ago became my passion. I first made pen pals with a chap while we both were engaged in Short Wave Radio DXing. In 1968 I sent him a letter and much to my surprise he wrote back. We have been friends since.

My first visit was in 1975 and to date I have gone
29 times. My most treasured memories are that with my friends and family that I know in England. Equally dear to my heart are my friends from Pittsburgh who I have had the pleasure of traveling with over the years. Sadly some of them have passed away and I think of them often and always when I am out and about in London.

Over the years friends and others have asked me for information on London and visiting the city. In-as-much as I gave them paper and CD versions, this is my first venture of doing this on-line by myself. This is a work in progress and updates will be often. You may have to rely on your back-button a lot. Like I said, this is new for me. I hate computers!

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I have travelled to London many times over the years and have first hand experience in much of what I write about. Still, I link to many other website so you can read first hand and get current information. I link to official sites as much as possible and to third-party site for added information or interest. Wikipedia takes a bit of a hit for some misgivings on their site but they are pretty accurate from what I have seen. I do link to them often as I think the readers would find their articles interesting. They too provide links to other sites that can be helpful. That is my aim, to help you find information on getting to and enjoying London.

This travel guide (created on 8 September 2009) has links and contacts for third party companies and services that are either private or public. I make no attempt to offer an endorsement to these parties and only present them as a service to my readers. When reading or viewing the content of any third party source please remember that I have had no contact with it nor have I never received gratuity from it unless specifically mentions in this guide.

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