The Docklands Light Rail

17 April 2011

DLR Service

The DLR is, as its name says, is a light rail train the travels betweens London’s east end and points further east. The two stations in central London are Bank and Tower Gateway. Although the entire system is monitored the trains are driverless.

For the latest information go to the Transport for London site:

There are 4 travel zones in the DLR system. Bank and Tower Gateway are the only two in Zone 1 so your ticket must include one of the other zones.

For those wanting to visit Greenwich the DLR couldn’t make the journey better. Get off the train at Cutty Sark station and you will be in the thick of things. One thing to remember is to make sure your train goes to Lewisham. Trains from London stop at Westferry and then split off to other destinations. If you get lost don’t worry. If you have your travel card you can come and go back and forth al you want. Get lost, have fun.

System map

Service Area

The Dockland Light Rail serves the eastern region of metropolitan London beginning with Bank and Tower Gateway stations. It serves London City Airport and Stansted Airport as well as Greenwich and Cutty Sark.

DLR London Stations

Tower gateway and Bank are the two stations in central London. They are both in Zone 1. If going to Greenwich, or Canary Warf, you may need to change at Westferry in Zone 2. Canary Warf is in Zone 2 and Cutty Sark (for Maritime Greenwich) and Greenwich are in Zone 2/3.

DLR Greenwich Stations

The DLR stations are Cutty Sark near the river Thames and Greenwich (both in Zones 2 & 3), which is off Kay West Street and Greenwich High Road. They are some distance apart but both about the same from the Observatory. Greenwich Station is also a rail station coming from London Bridge Station. Oyster pay-as-you-go is not valid at this station.

This site: may help.

DLR Canary Warf Station

The DLR stops in Canary Warf (Zone 2) at West India Quay, Canary Warf and Heron Quays. The Underground’s Jubilee Line has a station, the Canary Warf Station, near Jubilee Park, which is a bit of walk from the DLR stations. Once there make sure you take a look at the area maps in the stations.

DLR London City Airport

Bank and Tower Gateway stations (both Zone 1) serve London City Airport (Zone 3). Travel time is expected to be about 30 minutes or less.


The Jubilee Line of the Underground serves Canary Warf, but is not very close to the DLR station. See this TfL bus map (type in Canary Warf).

See this
bus map for the local area.

The DLR station at Greenwich is located in the National Rail station and interchanges with rail trains to the Southeast and the Medway.

The DLR connects London City Airport and Stratford International Airport directly. Check with DLR as service is not expected to begin until the summer of 2011 if there are no delays.


Luggage in Transit

The DLR has little to no space for luggage or large items. Should you have anything of this type please be courteous to other travelers.

People Having Special Concerns
(Students, Families, Children, Disabled & Elderly)


See the Transport for London page (above) for information.

DLR Specific

All stations have lifts and ramps to the platforms. The gap between the platform edge and the train is approximately 7.5cm (3 inches) wide and the step up or down from the platform to the train is approximately 5cm (2 inches) high. It is suggested that wheelchair users go in or out with the large wheels first.

All lifts have an alarm that will connect you to a staff member.

The first two sets and the last two sets of doors on a three-carriage DLR train will not open at Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich or Elverson Road stations. When travelling to these stations, please use the centre of the train

How to Pay

All stations have ticket machines. As none of the stations other than Tower Gateway and Bank are located in travel zone 1, one must have a valid ticket (Travel Card, London Pass) for the zone you are going to or coming from as well as the zones you may be travelling thru.

Valid Ticket

Always travel with a valid ticket for the zone you are travelling in or through. Inspectors can come around at anytime and ask to check your ticket, Oyster or travel Card. You can be fined on the spot.