British Embassy in Washington DC

12 April 2010

British Embassy, Washington DC
(Site accessed on 12 April 2010)
This older site,, is no longer valid.
3100 Massachusetts Ave NW (Near the Navel Observatory)
Washington DC 20008
US Phone 1 202 588 6500 Embassy
US Phone 1 202 588 7800 Consular
US Phone 1 202 588 7830 British Council
If applying for a VISA, use the British partner, Worldbridge, and select the country that you are residing in.
US citizens reading this, the embassy has good information for you too at
Visiting the UK, if you are planning any type of trip to England,

Information for British Citizens in the United States

British Consulate Pittsburgh
University of Pittsburgh
Office of the Chancellor
107 Cathedral of Leaning
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15260
Phone 412 624 4200
Fax 412 624 7539
Accessed October 31, 2008
The British Consulate is an honorary consulate in which the chancellor of the university is named.

Passport Services

For British citizens in the United States, passport services can be obtained by calling 1-900-285-7277. This operates 08.30 – 20.30 Eastern Time and the calls cost $2.60 per minute. An alternate number is 1-800-630-3332 where you can pay with a credit card.
Source: British Embassy, Washington DC website, accessed October 31, 2008.

Fun Fact

Notice the diagonal red stripes on the Union Jack. On one side (the left) they are low within the white stripes. On the right side they are high. When attached to a flagpole it is the low red stripes (left side) that stand at the flagpole. This confounds so many people. Have fun with your friends and see if they can tell the difference.

For more about the Union Jack, and the flags of Great Britain, see: