London Borough Councils

18 September 2011

Below are links to individual London councils, Greater London Authority, London Councils and the Mayor of London. If you are having an extended stay for work or moving to London these sites may be of interest to you.

London is a collection of 31 boroughs and two cities, London and Westminster. They each have a borough council, which is the local authority and administered by the London Borough Councils. Go to Transport for London’s
Spider Maps to find your borough. Some early meanings for the name the boroughs took on are given.

Barking & Dagenham
The place of Berica's people

Land cleared by burning


Was originally a name for Celtic river.

Bromley: This is where my love of England all began.
Original name meant cleaning where broom grows.

Named after Charles Pratt Camden, 1
st Earl of Camden. Sites include Camden Lock Market.

City of London: The City of London police protects the City and not the Metropolitan police as shown in my Public Safety page. Sites include Bank of England museum (they let you hold a solid gold bar), St. Paul’s. The City of London is only about one square mile in area.

Was a valley of wild saffron.

Was a Saxon term for meeting place for the people.

Eana's open land

Greenwich (to become a Royal Borough in 2012)
Means a green grassy port. Sites include Cutty Sark, Royal Observatory.

Was an Old English name for Haca's Island, an island of dry land surrounded by marshes.

Hammersmith & Fulham
Hammersmith is a place with a forge (smithy).
Fulham was Fulla's riverside land.

Was an enclosure in the grey wood.

Was a heathen temple.

Was Haefer's people.

Was named after Hilda's hill.

Was Hund's mound.

Was Gisla's hill.

Kensington & Chelsea, Royal Borough
Kensington was named after Cynesige's estate.
Chelsea was a landing place for chalk.

Kingston upon Thames, Royal Borough
Was the king’s estate on the Thames.

Was a landing pace for lambs (who did not like chalk).

Was Leofsa's homestead.

Was a farm by a pool. Merton is the home to Wimbledon.

Newham was a new place.

Take a guess what this name means?

Named after Richmond, Yorkshire

Was a southern defensive work. Sites include Borough Market and Southwark Cathedral.

Was a southern farm.

Tower Hamlets
Land east of the Tower of London taking in the East End and the Docklands. Sites include the Tower, Tower Bridge, the Bell Foundry and Brick Lane.

Waltham Forest

Was Waendel's enclosure.

City of
Westminster, but is has a borough council. Sites include everything.

Additional Information

Greater London Authority

London Councils and London MAP of the Councils. The council map directs you to information on that borough.

Mayor of London

Royal Borough, what does it mean?
The title, Royal Borough, is granted by the English monarch and does not grant special privileges.

Current Royal Boroughs in Metropolitan London:
Royal Borough of
Greenwich (London Borough)
Royal Borough of
Kensington & Chelsea (London Borough)
Royal Borough of
Kingston upon Thames (Greater London)