Public Safety

July 27, 2012

There are three individual police forces within London.

Metropolitan Police

The Metropolitan Police have authority within Greater London except for the City of London. The Met police, as an entity, have long been known as Scotland Yard.

City of London Police

City of London police have authority within the square mile of the City of London. This is basically the financial district of London. One difference between the City and Met police is the badge. The Metropolitan Police wear a silver badge whereas the City cops wear a gold badge. Well yea, that is were all the money is. At one time the London police wore copper badges and that is where the name copper came from with reference to the police.

British Transport Police

British Transport police have authority on all public transportation. Go to their links site for links to the national rail companies.

London Ambulance
London Fire Brigade

Emergency Services

The emergency phone number for the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland) and the Republic of Ireland is 999
No coins are required. This is for police, fire or ambulance.
Call 999 when a life is in danger, including possible stroke.

Non Emergency Services

To report an incident to the Metropolitan that has already occurred and where no life is threatened, call 101. It will cost a flat rate no matter how long the call lasts. More information can be found at:

London Ambulance Service

This service is provided by:
London Ambulance Service. They transport people to hospital during emergencies or when you are experiencing an emergency. Once again, call 999. They also provide service if you need transport to hospital (by pre-arrangement) or in need of finding a hospital bed. Do read their site as it has a lot of good information.