European Beers in London
Beer Shops in London

18 November 2010

European beers are popular in England by both the Brits and Continentals. As more and more German, Belgian and other establishments open I feel it is my duty to my readers (yes, both of you) to post this information. A key feature on this page is a link to the Transport for London bus route map for the area near the pub. This is the
general site for the maps.

I am hesitant to list take-a-way shops, as it is difficult to bring beer back to the states. Well, not really as I always do. They are listed at the bottom of this document.


The Belgian Guide to

Belgo Central
50 Earlham St WC2H 9LJ (Covent Garden) off Neal St
Phone 0207 813 2233, Web:
Covent Garden Station,
Leicester Square Bus Map

Belgo Nood
72-73 Chalk Farm Rd NW1 8AN near Ferdinand St
South of the station and near the Round House
Phone 0207 267 0718
Chalk Farm Station,
Chalk Farm Bus Map

48 Clapham High St SW4 7UR between Cato Rd & Aristotle Rd
Phone 0207 720 1118
Clapham North Station/Clapham High St Rail

67 Kingsway WC2B 6TD
Phone 0207 242 7469
Holborn Station,
Holborn Station Bus Map

Belgo Bromley
242 The Glades Shopping Centre, Bromley BR1 1DN
Phone 0208 466 8522
Not in central London but this is where my friends come from.
Bromley Bus Map

Other Interest

Belgian Embassy


Czech House
74 West End Lane NW6 2LX near Compayne Gardens
Web for the restaurant.
Web for the club.
West Hampstead Station,
West Hampstead Bus Station

Other Interest

Czech Embassy


Bavarian Beer House
190 City Road E1 at Bath St
Phone 0844 330 2005, Web
Old Street Station,
Old Street Bus Map

Bavarian Beer House (Web same as above)
Tower Hill, The Arches (Tower Hamlets)
9 Crutchfield Friars EC3N 2AU between Savage Gardens & Cooper’s Row
Phone 0844 330 2005, Web, same as above
Tower Hill Station,
Tower of London Bus Map

Jolly Gardeners (Zeitgeist‎)
49 - 51 Black Prince Rd SE11 6AB (Lambeth) at Vauxhall Walk
Phone 020 784 00426, Web:
Lambeth Bridge Bus Map
This phone number was gleaned from their website. I have seen other number on third-party sites, which may be old numbers.

Katzenjammers Bierkeller & Restaurant
Hop Exchange, 24 Southwark St SE1 1TY (Southwark-Borough)
London Bridge Station,
Bavarian bar and restaurant opened October 2009 in the basement of the Hop Exchange building. Nine kegs of Bavarian beers and 25 bottled Belgian and German beers.

Oktoberfest Pub
678-680 Fulham Rd SW65SA (Fulham)
Parsons Green Station,
Parsons Green Bus Map
Phone: 0207 736 5293, Web:

Stein's (Richmond)
Richmond Towpath
Rear of 55 Petersham Road TW10 6UX
Phone: 020 8948 8189 Web:
Please do not send any correspondence to this address.

Other Interest

German Embassy

Qype has a listing of all German restaurants in London.

The German Beer Institute has an interesting story on German Porter here:

Special Interest

5 Kentish Town Rd NW1 8NY at Hawley Rd
Phone 020 7267 8240
Camden Town Bus Map
For an Irish pub they stock a good number of bottle from Europe. It is a well-run pub with nice people behind the bar.

Utobeer, Borough Market
This stall in the market stocks beers from around the world. During my visits I make a beeline here to pick up my Nigerian Guinness 7.5% (made with maize and sorghum). An interesting note here ( explains that more Guinness is drank in Nigeria than in Ireland.

Beer Shops in London

Most food markets have beer in bottles and cans, but they are chilled. Store such as Harrods, Marks & Spencers and Suff have a collection of beers and wines.

Drink of Fulham
349 Fulham Palace Road SW6 6TB
Phone 020 7610 6795 Web

Owned by Jayesh Patel, proprietor of Westholme Store in Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. They stock 400–500 beers and they have food.

Kris Wines
394 York Way N7 9LW between Camden Mews & Cliff Rd
Phone 020 76074871, Web
No rail or tube service to this area
Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday: 2pm to 11pm
Sunday: 2pm to 10pm

Quaffs Market Stall
Spitalfields Fine Foods Market E1 6DT
Phone 07931 884811, Web is not active
Hours: 11am - 5pm
This was established in 2007 but may be closed. If anyone has details, please send them to me.

Utobeer (owners of the Rake) Southwark
Borough Market
Phone 0207 378 9461
Web:, but it may not be updated in my life-time so use this one:
Southwark Borough,
Borough Bus Map or London Bridge Bus Map
Borough or London Bridge Stations (Zone 1)
Open only on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. They have 600+ beers for sale from around the world. You have to have your beers in a bag before you can leave. Take your own as they charge for theirs, but only one £.
London Bridge Station

Other Interest

The Beer Pages (third-party website) has a list of off-licenses that may be of interest hers:

Beer & Wine on Aircraft

Should you desire to bring beer, wine or spirits back from holiday into the United States, feel free. But be aware that there are restrictions and guide lines. Beverages bought before entering the airport will need to be stowed in your checked luggage. Invest in bubble wrap and tape. Beverages bought at duty free can go carry on. The US Government and your airline may have something to say about this as well. See this
informative site from TSA about restrictive alcohol content.

Be aware if you have a connecting flight and have carry on beverages. You may have to be re-screened before getting to the next gate and your beverages may be greater than the liquid limit to pass. If you are not familiar with the airports you will be traveling through you should check with the airports and your air carrier.